Loan Consultant

We offer 1-to-1 professional consultation to help you ensure a successful loan application—with clear, uncomplicated advice to make sense of a complex financial world.

What is LOANPANDA Mortgage Planning?

Successfully securing the right loan is critical for your future. At LOANPANDA, we offer 1-to-1 online consultations that help review your credit profile and assess your loan eligibility to determine your strategic mortgage options moving forward, including recommendations on the right choice of loan package that best fits your financial situation.

All-inclusive Financial Planning


Includes :

  • A 45-minute 1-on-1 session with your dedicated planner via free online conferencing app
  • In-depth analysis of your financial status
  • Detailed financial goals assessment report
  • Personalised execution strategy advice to guide you step by step
  • 6-month progress monitoring and adjustment report
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Financial Planner


Mortgage Training Manager

  • 10 Years of Loan Consultant
  • Over Thousand Acceptance Service Record & Annualize Sub-Sale Acceptance over RM80 Million


Senior Mortgage Consultant

  • 4 years in Banking & Finance Industry
  • Mortgage Author and UCSI mortgage course Lecture

What You Get From Each Consultation

Each consultation is designed to maximise our service value to you, and includes a comprehensive itinerary that outlines a clear, unambiguous plan structure:

  1. Personalised financial plan
  2. A detailed 3-8 page financial report
  3. Expert advice and recommendations
  4. Financial plan execution guide

Why Choose Us?

Friendly, Dedicated Services

Our loan consultants are eager to help you ease your loan processing with a smile. We believe that approaching life with candid honesty is necessary to build a genuine understanding of the needs of our customers.

Clear, Easy-to-Understand Advice

We are trusted professionals who help our customers navigate complex financial matters and legalities while providing unbiased, uncomplicated advice to help them make better decisions.

100% Online Convenience & Safety

Cut back on travel time and expenses as we conduct our consultations via a free online video-conferencing app for your convenience and safety.

Guaranteed Best Prices

We strive to offer better than market prices for professional services that make life-changing financial advice more accessible to those who need them most.


This service is provided online in 45 minute sessions. Users are required to download the Zoom application to facilitate this service.
Our operations team will call to confirm a successful appointment after running you through a standard Know-Your-Customer background check. The system will then send out a confirmation email with detailed instructions & Zoom link to begin the consultation.
Once payment is successful, you are required to sign a consent form that gives us your express permission to perform a check on your credit score that will help our financial planners better tailor the session for your benefit.
You may file for a refund via email or WhatsApp 24 hours before the appointment time. If the refund request is successful, LOANPANDA will issue a refund of the amount, after deduction of administrative or service fees charged by third-party vendor(s).
You will gain important insights into your current financial situation, learn ways to improve it, and receive a full report all within the 45-minute consultation.
Yes, you may proceed with further consultation with the financial consultant/planner. Depending on your requirements, our consultants generally provide additional services at pretty reasonable and competitive fees.
If you are dissatisfied with our service, you may call our LOANPANDA customer service, email, or whatsapp your request to 6011 – 5508 9898 for assistance. We will open a file to investigate the 45-min consultation service to determine the source of your grievance and take appropriate action.