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Find the right loan package and get approved easily.

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Make Finance Easier

Find the right loan package and get approved easily.

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LOANPANDA: Malaysia’s Largest

Online Loan Comparison & Services Platform

Get ahead financially with the right tips and expert guidance from LOANPANDA. We are a one-stop online loan comparison and services platform providing information and tools to help people understand, compare and choose the best financial products on the market that best suit their needs.

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Are You Facing These Problems ?

Information Asymmetry

Lack of product understanding. Don’t know where to find relevant info.

Loan Application Rejected

Funding issues not resolved. Don’t know the reason why the loan application is rejected.

Financial Scams

Worried about financial scams. Don’t know where to find a reliable advisor for help.

LOANPANDA is the most reliable financial products platform in Malaysia.

We offer :

Financial Comparison Tools

Instant Access to Financial Products and Services (Online Application & Status Check)

Online Education Resources About Finance

Professional Analysis & Expert Advice

Personalised Financial Planning & Advisory

Why Choose LOANPANDA ?

The Most Comprehensive Online Loan Comparison Platform
 Safe & Secure
 Personalised Financial Planning
 Reliable Advice
 Easy to Use

Fraud & Scam Protection –

LOANPANDA ID Verification Safety Feature

Check & Verify the Credential of Your Financial Consultant Before Proceeding

Important note:

Do not share your private and confidential information with anyone before you check and verify their credentials.

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