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Testimonials – What our client says

"It was during the pandemic that I found out about the existence and need of this industry, but I had no idea that I would ever need this service. It was not until this year that I experienced the pain of being rejected twice in terms of loan applications that I had the chance to consult with a professional loan consultant in LoanPanda for a one-to-one loan consultation. I had a little more understanding of this aspect. The consultant deeply understood and analyzed my case and gave me the most accurate direction and method. Finally, I was approved for a loan by a bank, and the process went smoothly. The THING THAT FEELS PROFESSIONAL REALLY AT PRESENT SHOULD LOOK FOR PROFESSIONAL PERSONAGE NAMELY, ONESELF SAVED TIME COST BEYOND STILL CAN BE CAREFREE, HOW GOOD? I am very grateful to the LoanPanda team for helping me solve my pain points. I hope that more people will understand the existence of this industry and explore the value they can bring to everyone in the future. ❤ ️"

"Good product comparison. Excellent! ​I hope Loanpanda keeps it up as a fantastic job!"

LOANPANDA platform service is very nice! Strongly recommend Consultation Service of LOANPANDA!

"LOANPANDA has the best comparison tool.. help a lot..Thanks"

"The service provided by Loanpanda Consultant is excellent. He will carefully prepare my personal financial plan, including the housing loan, etc. I learned a lot more from a 45-minute consultation. It makes me more clear about the next step of financial planning."

"This website is useful and contains many info. It allows me to choose a credit card that suits me here"

"Information of financial products were beyond my expectation. Nice!!!!"