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Best Dining Credit Card Malaysia

Malaysia is a foodie’s haven spotting numerous eateries, including fine dining restaurants, food courts, and street food serving Chinese, Indian, Malay, and continental cuisine. Consequently, one statistical report shows that 86.8% of Malaysians eat out or order food weekly.

Although dining is affordable in Malaysia, you could save more cashback on dining if you use credit cards for eating out. However, which is the best credit card for dining in Malaysia?

Below is an overview of the best dining credit cards in Malaysia based on an annual fee, cashback, minimum spend, and other benefits.

Credit cards for dining out are bank-issued credit cards that include paying for food as a bonus category. Such credit cards allow you to earn cashback and other rewards points if you use them to pay for food. 

The best dining rewards credit card offers a welcome bonus and allows you to earn bonus points from traditional sit-down restaurants and takeout orders fulfilled via food delivery services. Some will enable you to earn up to 15% cashback on all food payments.

However, credit card companies and banks typically stipulate terms and conditions for the bonuses you earn with such cards. Such terms and conditions include an annual fee and a spending limit on the first three months since receiving the credit card. 

Also, banks and credit card companies typically issue credit cards with multiple bonus categories apart from dining. Such categories include fuel, groceries, mileage, shopping, utilities, and complimentary access to various other services.

Therefore, consider other bonus categories that will earn you maximum discounts when applying for the best credit card for dining.

1. Alliance Bank Visa Infinite

The Alliance Bank Visa Infinite Card earns the cardholder a 1x timeless bonus for dining expenditures. Moreover, the card comes with a 0% instalment payment plan at all participating merchant outlets.      

Besides the cash back on dining, the card offers consumers rewards on other bonus categories, including travel, groceries, and an 8X timeless bonus on online shopping. Therefore it is the best credit card for shopping and dining in Malaysia.

Also, the credit card has zero annual fees because the bank waives the fee for the first year. Moreover, you can receive an annual fee waiver on the subsequent year(s) if you swipe it at least 12 times (no minimum spend).

However, this card includes a 15% p.a. interest rate. Nonetheless, a 0% instalment payment plan at all participating merchant outlets makes the card worthwhile. Although you do not receive any cash reward, any adult with an RM5000 annual income can apply for this card.

2. Hong Leong Wise Card

The Hong Leong Wise Card is best for dining because it earns you cash through an 8% cashback rate and allows you to earn up to 10% cash back on two select categories.

Besides dining, other bonus categories where you can earn up to 8% cash back include groceries, utilities, and petrol. You can earn a cumulative cashback of RM100 on the card with a minimum of ten transactions worth RM50 or more.

Also, the Hong Leong Wise Card is among the best credit cards for dining if you have an annual income of at least RM2000. The card is accessible to a principal and a supplementary card holder. However, it charges an annual fee to both cardholders.

3. AEON NEW AEON Classic Visa/Mastercard

A percentage limit of 5 cash back on dining, groceries, and shopping or an RM100 cash reward monthly is what you get with the AEON NEW AEON Classic Visa/Mastercard.

Besides the timeless reward points on the card, you can earn other bonuses during AEON festivities or when you shop at AEON outlets. Although the card has a 30RM annual fee and a 15% interest rate, it includes a 0% interest payment plan that stretches for up to 36 months.

4. HSBC Platinum Mastercard & Visa

The HSBC Platinum Mastercard & Visa is among the best dining cards you can find on the Malaysian credit card scene. As a cardholder, you can earn up to 8x reward points on dining, 5X reward points for online merchants, and complimentary Plaza Premium access. Therefore, it is the best dining out credit card for exclusive offers.

Besides being best for exclusive offers, the card has no annual fee. Moreover, cardholders with a minimum monthly income of RM3000 enjoy a 0% interest payment plan with no handling fees.

5. Maybank GRAB Mastercard Platinum

The Maybank GRAB Mastercard Platinum credit card earns you five points for every 1 Ringgit spent on the GRAB app, including ordering food online.

It also features fantastic welcome offers, including 1000 GRAB points and a GRABFood voucher upon activation. The card has no annual fee and features flexible payment plans.

6. Maybank Shopee Visa Platinum Credit Card

Like the GRAB credit card, the Maybank Shopee card features a generous welcome offer of 5000 Shopee coins if you spend at least RM300 in the first month. Second, it awards 4X Shopee coins for dining every 28th of the month.

The Shopee coins have a lifetime value. Also, the card does not include any annual fee and offers easy, interest-free payment plans.

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Malaysian dining cards have unique bonuses and terms and conditions to meet diverse consumer needs.

Therefore, comparing the various terms and conditions using LOANPANDA’s comparison function is the easiest way to identify the best dining cards. 

You can compare features like whether the credit card includes an annual fee or no annual fee, the cash back on dining, and other bonus rewards included in the credit card.

For example, you can earn up to 10% cash back with the Hong Leong Wise Card, while other cards only allow you to earn up to 1% cash back or 100RM per month based on minimum spending.

Some cards come with an annual fee, while others include no annual fee.

For example, the AEON NEW AEON Classic Visa/Mastercard charges an annual fee, while the HSBC Platinum Mastercard & Visa charges no annual fee. 

Therefore, read the terms and conditions before applying for any card. Despite the annual fee, you can still earn up to the maximum cash back on dining with the best dining card.

Although all cards have some form of reward, not all offer cash back on dining. Second, some creditors may offer cash back on all dining categories.

In contrast, others offer cash back on dining at specific establishments or traditional in-restaurant dining while excluding the bonus on home food delivery.

Therefore, read the fine print on each credit card as laid out in LOANPANDA’s descriptions before applying for the cash-back dining card.

Card issuers like banks and credit card companies use different parameters to stipulate cash-back amounts.

For starters, some cards feature the cashback rate expressed as a percentage, and cardholders can earn up to 1% or as much as up to 10% in cash back.

Moreover, the cardholder may have varying cash back on dining in different establishments and restaurant categories.

On the other hand, some cardholders issue a specific monthly cash-back amount, depending on the minimum amount spent.

Also, the cashback amount on a card extends to different bonus categories. Therefore, consider the minimum spend and the cashback rate before applying for the cashback dining card.

No. Some dining cards allow you to earn up to the maximum cashback amount without charging an annual fee.

However, the absence of an annual fee does not automatically translate to a good deal.

Some cards charge an annual fee yet have better cashback rewards and no minimum spend, yet others do not charge an annual fee, yet cardholders receive less than 5 cash back on dining.

Therefore, consider the annual fee alongside the reward when deciding whether to apply for a card with no annual fees.

Different dining cards have different terms and conditions.

Moreover, some have sign-up bonuses and gifts, so inquire about such bonuses and gifts if having a special deal within the first three months is your priority.

These cards primarily target Malaysians who prefer frequenting eateries to cooking at home. However, the best dining card for such foodies depends on the food establishment type frequented. 

For starters, some cards only include cash back on dining in select establishments but give reward points for other establishments.

Second, some card issuers may have higher cash back on dining for certain restaurant types (e.g. fine dining restaurants) and lower rates for specific eatery categories (like fast food restaurants). 

Moreover, some cards offer exclusive access to select clubs and establishments. Therefore, the best dining card should suit your outdoor eating preferences.

Recommending the best Malaysian dining cards is challenging because the final verdict lies with your preferences.

However, the dining cards recommended above have the most favourable terms and conditions, including no annual fee, high cash back on dining (earn percentages above 5 cash back on dining), and favourable repayment plans.

Some of these cards feature sign-up bonuses in the form of cash rewards or merchandise.

For example, the HBSC Visa Platinum card highlighted above includes an RM1000 sign-up bonus, while the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite card’s sign-up bonus features gadgets and gismos. 

However, the sign-up bonuses last for limited durations. Second, most credit card issuers stipulate that the cardholder must spend a specified amount within the first month to qualify for the sign-up bonus.