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LOANPANDA: Malaysia’s Largest

Online Loan Comparison & Services Platform

LOANPANDA is a one-stop online loan comparison and services platform providing information and tools to help people understand, compare and choose the best financial products on the market that best suit their needs.

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Common Challenges Faced by Loan Consultants

Difficult to Tap into Strangers’ Market

You find it difficult to secure customers from a cold market (aka to convert a stranger into a customer).

Lack of Customer Leads

You do not know how to market your services to attract customers

Forget to Follow Up with Customers

You do not have a workable customer follow-up system

Poor Customer Data Management

You find it difficult for you to locate a specific customer’s data when needed.

How Can LOANPANDA Help You?

Trust building

LOANPANDA functions as an intermediary platform that promotes trust among online users, thus making it easy for you to convert a stranger into a customer.

Online leads

LOANPANDA can help you get more customer contacts online and automate lead generation to help you grow your business.

CRM support

LOANPANDA allows you to leverage an established customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage customers, schedule follow-ups, analyse data, etc.

Online to offline

From online customers, you can quickly grow your customer base and acquire new users from existing customers’ social networks through word-of-mouth.

CRM Features

Lead Management

capture and manage leads’ activities effectively to convert more of them into paying customers

Case Management

track case status and all associated information to facilitate better service support throughout the case lifecycle

Follow-up Reminder

get notified to contact customers for info updates, festive greetings, birthday reminders, etc

Contact Listing

store and access the contact information of all customers and leads in one place

Sales Report

access useful insights to track sales progress, analyse sales performance, etc

Easy to Use

segment customers and run targeted marketing campaigns directly from CRM

Quick Facts

Based on sandbox testing, LOANPANDA has generated more than 4000 customer leads, of which 6% converted into customers and 5% successfully secured loans. The average loan size is about RM450,000. Junior, middle-level and senior consultants accounted for 5%, 25% and 60% of the total conversion respectively.

Deal Directly with Customers via LOANPANDA

Better Profitability

Skip middleman and access an entirely new network of customer base from online channels

Customer Ownership

Enjoy greater control in interacting with customers and flexibility to upsell suitable products

Customer Loyalty

Enjoy direct access to build meaningful relationships with active leads and enjoy greater customer loyalty with a higher rate of policy renewals

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