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Step-by-Step: How to Apply for a Personal Loan in Malaysia

Introduction A personal loan is an efficient way to supplement your monthly income and meet your financial goals. Moreover, most banks’ loan application process is straightforward, as you can borrow money and receive the borrowed money in your current account within 24 hours. Even so, personal loan application requirements determine whether the bank approves your […]

Ultimate Guide to Personal Loan Eligibility in Malaysia – Are You Eligible?

Are you struggling in fulfilling your project due to a cash crunch? What are your emergency plans to rescue yourself from the hole? One of the best ways to get the needed money is by applying for a personal loan in Malaysia. Unlike others, personal loans are a bit easy to access if you meet […]

Top 7 Reasons Your Home Loan Application Got Rejected in Malaysia

Mortgage and housing loans in Malaysia are among the most common personal loans for Malaysians. However, most mortgage applications face rejection for various reasons, such as credit card debts, poor credit history, bad credit scores, etc. Fortunately, you can get approved for a mortgage loan with some tech knowledge and financial planning. Gone are the [...]

Best Cashback Credit Cards in Malaysia

According to the report, Malaysians are willing to spend more; hence, the number of credit cards in circulation is rising. Although Malaysian banks offer different credit card types, the cashback credit card is the go-to for eligible citizens. Malaysian cashback credit cards incentivize you to use credit cards and earn cash rebates from your spending rather [...]