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Comprehensive Guide to the Best Credit Cards Available in Malaysia

A credit card is one of the most popular and convenient ways to pay for items worldwide, and Malaysia has not been left behind. It has a wide range of credit cards available, each with its benefits and drawbacks. This makes it challenging to figure out which is best for you without incurring high-interest rates. [...]

5 Reasons to Use Credit Card Payment

The significance and relevance of having actual cash on you at all times cannot be overstated. When payment methods are brought up in conversation, we often see debates in favor of or against each payment option. Some people still believe that using a credit card is bad for you, mostly because of credit mismanagement. We will explain reasons why you […]

Credit Card: EPP or Balance Transfer?

Many consumers consider the perks and benefits of a credit card while making their decision. Discounts, privileges, unique access, promotions, and reward points are just a few examples. However, credit cards also have debt management features that we should be aware of. Take, for example, easy payment plans (EPPs) and debt transfers. The first allows […]

Aspects to Consider for Credit Card Application

For some people, a credit card is a convenient method to pay for things they wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Others, though, see it as a tool employed by banks to hold us in debt for the rest of our lives. In fact, it might be any of these things, for that the user […]

Explaining Expiration Dates for Bank Cards

Usually, your bank debit card will expire every five to seven years. You will no longer be able to use it after that period of time. Bank credit cards, on the other hand, have a shorter expiration date. However, renewal is frequently automated, and new cards are often mailed to cardholders. Debit users experience the inconvenience […]

Owning a Credit Card

Credit cards have re-identified the traditional payments as they bring convenience and efficiency to our lives. We can purchase goods and services by just tapping our credit cards. If we know how credit cards work, it will make our lives better. There are some ideas that we have to consider before we apply for our first credit cards.   Understanding […]

How to Choose a Bank?

Banking is almost inevitable these days, no matter it is using credit cards or e-payment. In terms of choosing a bank, there are a few aspects that you need to think about. Location of the Bank Despite more and more businesses moving online, banks in Malaysia still require you to submit your papers in person. […]

Conventional Banking V.S. Islamic Banking

Conventional banking generates profits by charging loans interest and investing in other assets. Islamic banking employs Islamic principles and Syariah regulations in the creation of banking products. It charges profit rates rather than interest rates. There are a variety of banking products, either conventional or islamic. The following are some suggestions that may assist you in […]