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How Much Can I Borrow For A Home Loan In Malaysia

If you’re considering buying a house in Malaysia, one of the first things you’ll likely consider is housing loan eligibility. Knowing this information is crucial because it can help you determine what kind of property you can afford and how much you’ll need to save for a down payment. The money you can borrow for […]

How to Calculate Debt Service Ratio

Many people nowadays decide to get a loan for numerous purposes. Whether it be a business loan, a mortgage loan, real estate, health, or other purposes, the number of lenders increases drastically. A study has found that with each year, the debt-to-GDP ratio decreases significantly. That may be because banks nowadays offer numerous benefits and […]

Buying a home in Malaysia? Know your eligibility for a home loan

  Becoming a new property owner comes with many benefits. You can do whatever you like without pressure from the landowners. However, if you cannot purchase a home with cash (especially in today’s economy), you can use a housing loan to help you buy your first property. However, to get loan approval, you must meet […]

EPF savings as collateral for emergency loans won’t involve withdrawals

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim speaks during the World Water Day 2023 celebrations at Stadium Indera Mulia in Ipoh March 11, 2023. ― Picture by Farhan Najib The Malaysian government has taken a step to assist its citizens who are struggling financially due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The government has approved the use […]

Benefits of Buying A Home Insurance Policy

Many individuals consider their home to be one of the most valuable investments and things they will ever own. Given its high worth, it only makes sense to insure it against potential damage. Examples such as fires, break-ins, and other natural catastrophes, require householder or homeowner insurance. In fact, some people may dismiss the importance […]

Reasons of Choosing More Than One Bank

Having many accounts in different banks can provide better interest rates as well as other benefits. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to have more than one bank account: 1. Savings are more secured. Do not deposit all of your earnings into one account. Besides, do not use the same account that you use to […]

Tips to Buying a House

Buying a house does not look as easy as it is. You need to firstly understand home loans, mortgages and knowledge of real estate. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand a few tips before making a choice. To start off with, understand that houses are frequently too pricey to acquire with just your cash on […]

How to Choose a Bank?

Banking is almost inevitable these days, no matter it is using credit cards or e-payment. In terms of choosing a bank, there are a few aspects that you need to think about. Location of the Bank Despite more and more businesses moving online, banks in Malaysia still require you to submit your papers in person. […]

Conventional Banking V.S. Islamic Banking

Conventional banking generates profits by charging loans interest and investing in other assets. Islamic banking employs Islamic principles and Syariah regulations in the creation of banking products. It charges profit rates rather than interest rates. There are a variety of banking products, either conventional or islamic. The following are some suggestions that may assist you in […]

Debt Service Ratio (DSR)

When you apply for a loan, you might wonder: “How much can I borrow from the bank?”. According to you repayment capabillity, you can estimate the amount of your loan. The Debt Service Ratio(DSR), is a formula to help banks determine if you can repay the amount that you borrow. What is the Debt Service […]