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Choosing the Right Loan for Your Business

Taking out the wrong loan could be disastrous for your company. If your business cannot keep up with the monthly payments, it could put you in deeper debt. It also could also harm your company’s finances and reputation if you default on your small business loan. These may be avoided if you correctly manage your […]

Reasons of Choosing More Than One Bank

Having many accounts in different banks can provide better interest rates as well as other benefits. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to have more than one bank account: 1. Savings are more secured. Do not deposit all of your earnings into one account. Besides, do not use the same account that you use to […]

What’s SME Loans?

Helping enterprises increase working capital, enterprises can apply for and obtain a low interest fund from Malaysia’s top commercial banks to assist their business turnover and expand business scale. What is SME? SMEs are small and medium-sized enterprises. Refers to a small business relative to a large one in terms of full-time employment or annual […]

How to Choose a Bank?

Banking is almost inevitable these days, no matter it is using credit cards or e-payment. In terms of choosing a bank, there are a few aspects that you need to think about. Location of the Bank Despite more and more businesses moving online, banks in Malaysia still require you to submit your papers in person. […]

Conventional Banking V.S. Islamic Banking

Conventional banking generates profits by charging loans interest and investing in other assets. Islamic banking employs Islamic principles and Syariah regulations in the creation of banking products. It charges profit rates rather than interest rates. There are a variety of banking products, either conventional or islamic. The following are some suggestions that may assist you in […]

Debt Service Ratio (DSR)

When you apply for a loan, you might wonder: “How much can I borrow from the bank?”. According to you repayment capabillity, you can estimate the amount of your loan. The Debt Service Ratio(DSR), is a formula to help banks determine if you can repay the amount that you borrow. What is the Debt Service […]